Agency / Multi-Account

If you manage more than one account, the Lnk.at Agency/Multi-account plan lets you open as many accounts as you wish. You will have access to a control panel where you can switch from one account to the other in one click. Our prices are transparent and listed directly below so that you can start right away without waiting for a quotation.

Monthly Annual Save up to $170

Unlimited Lnks

Add as many Lnks as you want

Embed Music & Videos

Play Music and Videos in your page

Add a Map

To locate your business or event

No Extra Cost

FREE, no hidden costs

34 Embed services

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc..

APIs and Developer

API access and developers resources

14 integrations

Wordpress, Shopify, Zapier, IFTTT, etc..

442 Free Templates

Free templates for your Lnk.Bio page

QR Code

Print-ready, high-resolution QR Codes

3 Pages

Split content into 3 swipeable pages


All from the Free plan

All the features from the Free plan

Schedule Lnks

Create your posting schedule

Lnk Groups

Categorize Lnks into groups

Password-protected Lnks

Protect your Lnks with a password

Stats & Reports

See how much traffic you have

External Pixels

Meta, GA4, Twitter, etc..

Instagram & TikTok Sync

Import posts from IG and TikTok

Mirror IG Grid

Recreate the IG Grid on Lnk.Bio

24 Layouts

List, Grid, Titles, Image only, etc...

Search Engine

Visitors can search your Lnks

UTM Presets

Create and apply UTM presets

Public Visit Counter

Show count of how many visits you got

5 Pages

Split content into 5 swipeable pages

Aggregated statistics

Consolidated stats for all your profiles


All from the Mini plan

All the features from the Mini plan


Collect mailing list subscriptions

Contact form

Generate leads and appointments

Open your Shop

Sell digital products and services

No Lnk.Bio Logo in profile

No Logo in your Public Profile

Custom Colours

Infinite colours and transparency

28,179 Fonts

Custom fonts for your Lnk.Bio

Wallpaper & Favicon

Add a custom wallpaper and favicon

Instagram & TikTok Scheduler

Schedule Instagram posts from Lnk.Bio


Multiple photos for your Lnks

Multi Lnks

Tags products inside your images

Video Wallpaper

Animated page with your video wallpapers

31 Newsletter Sync

Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Mailerlite, etc..


Add custom graphics outside your Lnks

10 Pages

Split content into 10 swipeable pages

Multiple Logins

Separate access for your colleagues

All prices are in USD.

The Lnk.at Agency/Multi-Account plans are the most cost-effective in the link in bio industry as we want you to be able to scale up with your business without incurring major costs.

Do you only need one account?