Welcome to Kuma's page! We have put together information on Kuma and some resources (raw food, training, and gear) that we recommend. 

Page last updated: Dec 9, 2023

About Kuma:

Kuma is a 6 year old sashige Shiba Inu. He was adopted from a shelter in South Korea in May 2021 with the help from both Adopt Korean Rescue and Koastal Dog Rescue. Kuma is now living his best life in Coquitlam, BC, Canada.

Visit Kuma's Instagram for photos and videos. 

Kuma's Titles:

NTD, ITD, ATD, BTC24, 2K-9, T3, CCC1, CCC2, CCC3, CCC4, PKD-N

Kuma's titles are done virtually. Links to the videos are further below on this page.

We often get questions about Kuma's raw food. I wrote 2 blog posts (linked above) on how I calculate, source and prep his food.

To summarize: Kuma eats a homemade BARF diet with ratio 70/10/5/5/10. His diet is synthetic-free and consists of only whole food ingredients.


Raw Pet Food Resources

Calculators (BARF, PMR, raw meaty bone)


Synthetic-free Raw Alternatives 

Smack (dehydrated raw)

CARNA4 (dry food, toppers)

Nature's Logic (wet food, dry food, toppers)

TREK (dehydrated raw)

Helpful Online Resources

Online Dog Trainers:

Fenzi Dog Sport Academy (variety of courses and difficulty levels, different course styles to suit your schedules and learning styles)

Grisha Stewart Academy (courses and books focused on behaviour adjustment)

Canine Conditioning Coach (fitness programs)


Online Title Programs:

Fenzi TEAM (obedience, nosework, cooperative care, rally)

Do More With Your Dog (tricks, fitness, stunt, actor, specialty titles)

International Dog Parkour Association (parkour)


Facebook Community Groups

Muzzle Up, Pup! (muzzle sizing, sourcing, training advice)

Cooperative Care with Deb Jones (grooming and medical handling advice)

Canine Conditioning and Fitness (gait analysis, gear fit advice, fitness programs)