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A Proud Member of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber.

Est. 2008

Help us work to Eradicate Hunger feeding our Homeless Community, Activate Community Support, Disaster Response, Disaster Relief, and Execute our Hurricane Preparedness Plans for our Greater Baton Rouge community. We are grateful to have been giving Baton Rouge since 2012. Please support our efforts. Please Review Giving Options, Connect with us via Email, Request Review our Nonprofit Certification, or Register Now for Food Assistance if supplies or access is available. Our primary focus this Fall/Winter is for Toy Chest to provide resources to families in need through our food outreach, local water drive, and/or grocery bags initiative. Water is a key consumable for our families. Please give. All donations must be willfully given as offering as is performa non grata. 

Nonprofit EIN: 82-3731008




**Please find the heart and compassion to give through Toy Chest. Donations can be mailed. 

Our Toy Chest of Greater Baton Rouge will work to continue helping impact families with bottled water, cooked meals and/or food bags offering options to keep communities with access to food if resources become available. We currently don’t have any on hand inventory or stock. We give All food items on a first come first serve basis during emergency and on site activations. All dates and locations for giving are to be determined. All of our food and resources are donated on a case by case basis offering all available resources to families in need at all times of need when available. Refunds on donations are not permissible due to our outreach demand. We are hopeful for your continued support and kindness to our giving efforts. In our past efforts serving families on the ground during Hurricane Ida in 2021, families needed additional resources like food, meals, water, clothing, paper plates, diapers, baby formula, beverages, flash lights, batteries etc. Our meals are not just Holiday but Meals for need trying to offer resources and support through our organization year round. Our Food Bags for Families has been apart of the Toy Chest legacy since the inception of or programming. Toy Chest is offering not just our family access to food but all people access to foodbags offered by grocers caring for our community. Special Thanks to all who support.  All personal and professional donations can be sent to 9655 Perkins Road, Suite C228, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810.  Sow into our Executive Director, our family and our communitys families. In Jesus Christ Most Holy Precious Name, Amen 

Transparency Clause: All resources donated power our cause, missions, admin teams, needs, transportation, goals, food, impact zones, volunteers, support staff/labor, supplies, admin, onsite impact, administration, and all impact areas. Past activation photos of previous work available upon request. Click Email icon for help. We are a certified 501(c)(3) approved nonprofit recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.

Toy Chest started giving back in 2008 offering families hope in New Orleans and in 2012 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Toy Chest is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. In the past we provided families access to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Support throughout the year with our school supplies, Senior Citizens dinners, Easter Egg Hunts, Basket Giveaways and so much more in the community’s we serve. 

All donations must be willfully given as offering as is performa non grata.

Thank you for connecting with Toy Chest. Please email all of your donation request, needs, amount, and further instructions will follow. Email Click Here.

Please donate by clicking the donate button above.  Families can register by clicking Register above.  As we work to make our impact, thank you for sharing with us.

Please note:

Giving Guidelines:
All donations must be willfully given as offering as is performa non grata.

More About Us:
Thank you for caring for our personal, professional, public and charitable giving. We appreciate all of our donors for making a commitment to not just care for me, my family but others as well. We pride ourselves in helping where most needed. All offering given must be willful with out additional services earmarked as where most needed granting us opportunity to thoughtfully serve. Please visit https://givingtoychest.org for our impact locally and https://toychestworldwide.org for our vision forward Nationally. All giving events will be announced at our notice when we are able to grant access to people, low income families, Senior Citizens, homeless community members and others in hardship. Please provide outreach to other local charities if our impact timing can’t meet your immediate need.

Non-intrusive Prayer for you:
May the Lord continue to shine light, grant love, urge kindness and promote peace in each heart that gives. Be used for your greatness and be seen in our world. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Just in case:
Thank you for reading at your own risk. All wording is our policy and our prayers are non-intrusive and we are equal opportunity giving with systems. Excuse any typos, grammar or quick responses, we are working to make a difference. Giving. #HopeWithImpact